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Faculty Senate Resources Archive


November 10, 2004 Senate Meeting

November 17, 2004 Open Forum

December 8, 2004 Senate Meeting


January 26, 2005 Senate Meeting

March 23, 2005 Senate Meeting

May 11, 2005 Senate Meeting

Strategic Planning Documents

Guide to Responding to Higher Education Budget Cut

Sample Letter Regarding Budget Cuts

Student Evaluation of Teaching Committee Report (9/15/05)

Chairs and Program leaders Report (9/19/05)

Teacher Evaluation Form Draft (12/02/05)

Promotion Document (5/5/05)



Peer Evaluation Final Report (4/14/06)

Tenure and Promotion Document (12/13/06)

CFA Cover Letter re: Tenure and Promotion (12/13/06)

Department/Program Strategic Plan & Review (1/26/06)

Student Travel Policy (2/8/06)

International Studies Strategic Plan (2/8/06)

Teacher-Scholar Task Force Report (2/22/06)



Facilities Master Plan Resolution (4/18/07)

Peer Evaluation of Teaching Report (5/2/07)

Campus Police Report (4/26/07)

External Review Preliminary Report (12/09/07)

Senate CFA Ad Hoc Committee on Grading Report (12/09/07)
Grading and Assessment

M. Biggs & R. Kamber, “Grade Inflation at TCNJ
M. Biggs & R. Kamber, “Ending Grade Inflation
M. Biggs & R. Kamber, “Reforming Evaluations of Teaching
H. Rosovsky & M. Hartley, “Evaluation and the Academy”
     J. Allen, “Grades as Valid Measures of Academic Achievement
ASHE-ERIC, “Correlates of College Grades



Framework for Discussion-Ad Hoc Committee on Structure of Schools (10/9/08)

Alcohol & Other Drugs Policy (10/8/08)



Cindy Curtis’ Interview with Mark Kiselica, Vice Provost (October 30, 2009)



Budget & Program Closures

President Gitenstein’s Address to the Campus, March 2, 2010

Policy on Program Closure

CPP Budget Decision-Making Principles

Overview of NJ State Colleges Autonomy Evolution


10 Big Issues Revisited, May 12, 2004
10 Big Issues Confronting TCNJ, November 16, 1998

Issues for the Incoming Provost (11/29/07)

Election Results
Election Results for Provost Search Committee
Election Results for the Run-Off for fourth member to Provost Search Committee

Cindy Curtis Interviews Mort Winston – March 13, 2012

Big Issues