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First-Year Seminar Awards

The First Seminar Coordinating Committee welcomes self and other nominations for two teaching awards related to teaching in the First Year Seminar program during the 2022-2023 academic year.

  1. The Robert Anderson First-Year Seminar Instructor of the Year Award
    This award in honor of Robert Anderson, one of the earliest champions of the FSP/FYS program, is awarded to a faculty (full, part time or adjunct) who:

    1. Develops an intellectually engaging and supportive course.
    2. Shows long-term dedication to the first-year seminar with at least 8 semesters of teaching.
    3. Embodies the goals of the program to serve our campus with consistent excellence in teaching in the first-year seminar.
    4. Provides evidence of positive impact on students over many years (student evaluations).
  2. The Outstanding FYS Course of the Year Award
    This award is given to a faculty (full, part time or adjunct) whose course:
    Stands out for its writing assignments, clarity of syllabus, excellent student feedback, and overall indication of passion for developing a topic that inspired students while meeting the program learning goals.
Nominate yourself or someone else at:
Nomination materials required by October 16, 2023