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Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate is made up of forty members elected by the faculty for a term of three years, plus the president of the AFT and the two faculty representatives to the Board of Trustees.

Mission Statement

The College of New Jersey Faculty Senate is the representative body of the faculty established to support the mission of the College, promote faculty involvement in College affairs, and provide a faculty voice on issues facing the institution. Working in conjunction with College governance, the Senate ensures a faculty perspective on college-wide issues; promotes diversity through its appointments to college-wide committees and councils; encourages and supports excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service; and fosters community and collegiality.

Approved December 8, 2004

Among its functions, the Senate has the responsibility to:

  1. Receive and review items proposed for consideration by members of the faculty and/or by referral from Standing Committees as defined by the college governance process.
  2. Provide a forum for discussion of items brought before the Faculty Senate.
  3. Communicate Senate testimony, resolutions, and reports to the campus community.
  4. Appoint faculty members to collegewide Standing Committees and Program Councils.