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Colloquium for Faculty Research & Creative Activity


The Senate Committee on Intellectual Community calls for nominations for its semi-annual colloquium featuring the research and/or creative activity of TCNJ Faculty.  Two faculty members are chosen through the annual nomination and selection process to present their research and participate in a reception in their honor.  A colloquium is conducted each semester, recognizing one faculty member in the fall and one in the spring.

Any full-time tenured faculty member may be nominated by a dean, chair or colleague through a simple application process.


The intention of this Faculty Senate-sponsored initiative is to provide a means to highlight the accomplishments and scholarship of the TCNJ faculty.  To this purpose, the Intellectual Community Committee requests that nominations for outstanding research or creative work by tenured faculty should come from academic leaders and faculty colleagues.  Nominees should be chosen following these broad guidelines:

  • Nominee’s research or creative activity is recognized as significant in the respective field of study.
  • Nominee can deliver a lecture on his or her research or creative activity that will be of wide interest to the campus community.


Academic leaders and faculty are invited to nominate a colleague for the Colloquium for the Recognition of Faculty Research and Creative Activity.  To nominate a colleague, please send a one-paragraph email to the Senate secretary, Laurie Wanat, at, identifying the nominee and explaining the reason for the nomination.

Applications Due:  February 17, 2020

David Bwire, Chair –

Alan Waterman (Psychology), Spring 2007
Donald Lovett (Biology), Fall 2007
Jo-Ann Gross (History), Spring 2008
Gary Woodward (Communications Studies), Fall 2008
Bruce Rigby (Art), Spring 2009
Mark Kiselica (Counselor Education), Fall 2009
Ellen Friedman (English/Women’s and Gender Studies), Spring 2010
Avery Faigenbaum (Health & Exercise Science), Fall 2010
David Holmes (Mathematics & Statistics), Spring 2011
David Hunt (Chemistry), Fall 2011
Tim Clydesdale (Sociology & Anthropology), Spring 2012
Cynthia Paces (History), Fall 2012
Miriam Lowi (Political Science), Spring 2013
Andrew Leynes (Psychology), Fall 2013
Janet Morrison (Biology), Spring 2014
Kim Pearson (English), Fall 2014
Donald Vandegrift (Economics), Spring 2015
Diane Bates (Sociology & Anthropology), Fall 2015
Morton Winston (Philosophy, Religion, and Classics), Spring 2016
David Blake (English), Fall 2016
Susanna Monseau (Marketing & Interdisciplinary Business), Spring 2017
Nancy Hingston (Mathematics & Statistics), Fall 2017
Donna Shaw (Journalism & Professional Writing), Spring 2018
Matthew Hall (Special Education, Language, and Literacy), Fall 2018
Connie Hall (Biomedical Engineering), Spring 2019
Michael Robertson (English), Fall 2019