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April 2004

Faculty Senate Meeting


April 29, 2004

Biology 209

Opening :

The regular meeting of the Faculty Senate was called to order at 10:00.

Excused -Anita Allyn, Bill Behre, Ralph Edelbach, Hank Fradella, Ruane Miller, Shri Rao, Leslie Rice, Monica Rossi-Miller, Teresa San Pedro, Barbara Strassman, Joyce Vincelette, Simona Wright, Yiqiang Wu.

Presentation by Roberta Truscello, Office of Academic Grants and Sponsored Research.

Research Domain website will be complete in two weeks.  Faculty will be asked to provide updates twice each year.  Access to site demonstrated to Senate via overhead projector.

Ann Marie Nicolosi: how should jointly appointed faculty register?

Adam Knobler: why is there to be a scholar of the month?

Rick Kamber: does not think scholar of the month a good idea; no need to mix information and marketing; no need for photos.

Georgia Arvanitis: what sorts of outsiders would benefit from a marketing-oriented Research Domain?

Roberta Truscello: prospective students, etc.

Celebration of Student Achievement

Beth Paul asked the Senate to give David Venturo its thanks.

Senate Reorganization

Dan Crofts reminded Senate that those elected to the New Senate would vote at the reorganization meeting in two weeks, on May 12.  Nominations and self-nominations for leadership positions should be submitted by May 7.

A Word of Thanks

Dan Crofts observed that he was finishing his sixth year as president of the Senate, and that his successor would be chosen at the next meeting.  He was pleased that the Senate had become a responsible force on campus, as signaled in the “Ten Big Issues” document in November 1998.  The Senate has since been respected and consulted by the Administration.  It is very important now to get the “Ten Big Issues, Revisited” document up to the level of the original.  Crofts thanked all who had assisted him-student workers, members of the Senate, members of the Exec Board, and especially the three faculty who had worked with him as vice-presidents: Steve Klug, Janet Morrison, and Marcia O’Connell.

Committees and Advisory Councils

Recommended slate appointed without objection.  Hohmuth added to Athletics Advisory Council.  Slot on ITAC kept open; to be filled by Senate in September, if possible by adding a member of the Senate.  One seat also needs to be filled on Special Services AC and three on Honors AC.  The roster is as follows:

* = incumbent

Steering (1) — Michael Robertson, English (replacing Koch)

CAP (2) — Don Vandegrift, Business; Felicia Steele, English (replacing

Landreau and Tucci)

CSCC (3) — *Glenn Steinberg, English; Jaclyn Beierlein, Business

(replacing Lengyel); Marimar Huguet-Jerez, Modern Languages (one year

term replacing Knobler)

CFA (4) — Sunita Ahlawat, Business; Jean Konzal, EECE; Jean Graham,

English (replacing Blake, Palmer, and Papantonopoulou); Pat Beaber,

Library (two year term replacing Gorman)

HRAC (1) — Pam Kravitz, Business (replacing Ahlawat)

SOSA (3) — Howard Reinert, Biology; Marc Meola, Library; Alan Katz,

Engineering (replacing Ochoa, Rao, and Shih)

GEAC (3) — *Daryl Fair, Political Science; Ed Conjura, Math/Stat

(replacing Fangboner); Kathryne Speaker, Special Education (replacing


MAC (1) — Ellyn Brecher, Psychology (replacing Neves)

Development and Alumni Advisory Council — *Harry Hess, Engineering; one

seat to fill to replace Breland (resigned, one year term)

Athletics AC (1) — Art Hohmuth, Psychology (replacing Hoffman).

Special Services AC (1) — One seat still to fill to replace Al-Omaishi.

Honors AC (4) — John Sisko, Philosophy (replacing Steele).  Three more

seats to fill: replacing Strassman; vacancy (two year term); and

Rosman-Askot (one year term)

International Education AC (2) — *Simona Wright, Modern Languages;

Diane Bates, Sociology and Anthropology (replacing vacancy)

Graduate Programs AC (1) — Lisa Ortiz-Vilarelle, English (replacing


ITAC (1) — One seat to fill to replace Kayne.

Ten Big Issues, Revisited

Draft document discussed

Georgia Arvanitis: why change order in first segment?

Dan Crofts: did not wish to lead with the most negative segment, Decision Making.

Rick Kamber: concerned that CPP and Steering have not fulfilled their charge.

Dan Crofts: notes absence of normal institutional conditions amid all the pressures of transformation the past several years.

John Karsnitz: the issues reach the CPP but do not get resolved.

Discussion about wording of Governance and Strategic Planning segments.

Discussion on Decision Making focused on OAGSR.  Various complaints aired by Don Lovett, Steve Klug, and others.

Rick Kamber suggested moving OAGSR segment from Decision Making to Scholarship.  This was agreed to.

Discussion on Learning and Student Growth.  After discussion agreed to unbold a paragraph that appeared in bold in the draft.

Discussion about Information Technology; agreed to revise based on additional inquiry.

Discussion of Affordability.

Motion to accept document as it will be amended.  Carried unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 12:10 p.m.